Quiet and thoughtful, Shelly is the most instinctive interaction designer I have ever worked with. She turns the most complicated systems and services into beautifully simple experiences seemingly without effort. She observes the world and understands how people use things. She’s an amazing information architect too.
— Paul-Jervis Heath - Head of Design, Head London
Shelly is a truly talented designer, that has an ability to sketch concepts and interfaces beautifully and work across all phases of projects with great skills. Her work is impeccable, smart and creative.
— Diane Faidy - Senior Experience Designer, TH_NK
Shelly is a great interaction designer to work with. From concepts through to final designs, she has loads of ideas, thinks through every aspect of her designs and can clearly articulate her thinking. She comes up with simple yet elegant designs. And her sketches are amazing! I worked with Shelly on one project at the University and found her to be pragmatic and fun to work with.
— Michele Ide-Smith - Senior User Experience Architect, University of Cambridge
Shelly has fantastic hair and one of the best smiles around! But moreover, she is extremely clever, resilient, resourceful and creative and can handle long term projects as well as short, rapidly needed challenges.

Her software and technical skills are second to none and her intelligence and drawing abilities are excellent. If only I could draw like Shelly! She is honest and true and I have utterly adored working with her
— Clare Munday - Head of UX, We Are Friday
Shelly is one of my all-time favourite designers. She takes the time ask technical questions and understand the answers, so she gets things right from both a design and technical perspective (providing huge cost savings on projects involving complex technology).
— Dave Hrycyszyn - Technical Director, Head London
Shelly is a shining example of what it means to be a highly talented experience designer. Her attention to detail and thorough approach to problem solving seems to come second nature. She also excels in introducing and incorporating the latest design technologies into her projects, resulting in a more a efficient workflow and studio-wide adoption. Working on projects with Shelly has always been a delight, I guess it’s because whatever the material is it’s always in safe hands.
— Robert McFarlane - Head of Head Labs, Head London
Shelly and I worked together conducting research and producing UX documentation for a large website re-design. She took abstract IA concepts and visualised them quickly and clearly with hand drawn wireframes early in the project. Later on she created detailed UX documentation specifying interactions, behaviours and rationale.

Her ability to quickly explore different UI options at low and hi fidelity as well as her instinctive understanding of interaction patterns make her a fantastic UX designer to have on the team
— Michael Campbell - Freelance UX Consultant
Over the last couple of years working on many many projects with Shelly I have very much enjoyed watching her develop from the very talented designer that she’s been probably since birth, into a fully fledged User Experience professional.

Shelly is loyal, hard working and highly productive. Her built in empathy for the real people expected to use the products and services we deliver, solid and proactively growing understanding of best practice interaction design principles and natural creative flare enable Shelly to craft consistently beautifully presented and delightful to use experiences that are both persuasive and compelling.

I am always impressed by how deeply Shelly understands a problem and her focus and dedication to finding a graceful solution, sometimes against all odds, that meets the business needs of our clients whilst relentlessly advocating the user experience
— Penny Andrews - Head of Project Management, Head London