Toyota - ALJ Toyota Saudi Arabia

2014 - 2015



Wireframes and Documentation, Information Architecture.


Project Description

The Abdul Latif Jameel Group (ALJ),  the leading distributor of Toyota vehicles in Saudi Arabia, had ambitious plans for overhauling its web and mobile platforms. ALJ had a limited web presence, that served as our starting point, as well as bringing together the needs of new stakeholders, and their very loyal, but demanding customers. The company where also keen to improve their image with a younger audience.

The challenge set, was to design a mobile first platform for an Arabic market, in Arabic. In order to do this we had to design the site so that it worked best when read from left to right. 

An important part of the site was to look at how the users might move through the site, to create an exciting experience, utilising all that designing for mobile and touch could offer. We were keen that as well as tapping on navigation items, users could swipe, and rotate their phone to change their perspective on the information they were being shown. 

I came to the project part way through, taking over from another, as Lead UX Designer. I had to bring various elements and thoughts together, in order to begin rolling out ideas and solutions, that had not been entirely thought through. I needed to take a step back and take a more holistic view of how the navigation and structure of the site and its pages would realistically work. This often meant challenging solutions that had already been decided on.


Information Architecture

Information Architecture

Information Architecture




Final live screens